Refund rust

Hello to excuse I of my poignant anglai I am French. I have to buy games(sets) some brief day ( rust ) ago he(it) does not walk(work) I have quite I said well every fact to be able to play but nothing to make I wanted to know if it is possible to make it pay off

looks like Google translate strikes again…

xd yes
im verry sorry me english very bad

Message garry directly for information on a refund. The forums is not a place to write about refunds.

How I send a message direct a garrys?

Let me see if I can fix this up a little:
“Hello, excuse my bad English, as I am French. I bought rust and it does not work. I want to be able to play the game, but is there any way I can get a refund?”
I presume you bought the game and you are now asking for a refund. If Facepunch Studios(Garry) Refuses to refund you, take it up with paypal and they CAN and WILL get you your refund, however you will show as always having a debt to this site, therefore disallowing you to play, and buy, the game until the debt is paid off.
If you had actually been asking about the crashing and whatnot, that’s because AMD GPUs are having a “little” trouble right now.

Yes but I know not my pc arive not no to turn(shoot) him(it) but how we send a message direct in garry

Dis-moi ce que tu veut dire en Francais ! :wink:

thx merci tanks you

s’il vous plaît appuyez sur mon lien que j’ai posté un message privé à Garry

Instead of bothering Garry with PMs, file a ticket with Facepunch Studios:

No answer since 2 in the daytime: (

Email gary or create a ticket