Regarding airdrops

The airdrop currently takes very long to drop, too long in my opinion, half the map can reach the airdrop in time. People with guns can just keep on getting it since they can make it to every drop, other people have no chance. Airdrops should be faster so only people within a certain area can get it, hence allowing poorly geared people to at least have a shot at getting it.

I agree. I would love to see the airdrop system from legacy come back.

Airdrop actually is aiming at center zone of the map, not laterals.

I hope this changes because as you say, the idea of having an airdrop is that the local people make it on time, not that the half of the map does.

they need to put back in the 1-3 boxes/drop and make they sway

How about a night airdrop that drops a rapidly falling crate, maybe even into the ocean, then a lootable ‘Ping detector’ that can show you the location of that crate?

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That’s awesome!