Regarding an account

Idk where else to put this

I got a key when garry was giving them out in the gmf, my account seems to have vanished, I signed up when you had the option to put in a password

If I can’t get it back it’s fine I’m in the process of making a review video about Rust because I feel the only reason people want this game is to have their slice of the livestreaming pie


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Display name was: CounterTunes

plz give me it :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("dumb key begging" - postal))

can i have it i want to make an lets play but i can yust not get a key

(User was banned for this post ("dumb key begging" - postal))

Fucking hell how desperate are you people

Both of you.

Leave. Forever.

It’s the key begging Apocalypse I don’t know why these people have no self control, go to the steam summer sale and get released games!

just wish to bump this a bit

Use he forgot password feature.

We need an “Idiot Cull” for the Rust section.

Since no one reads the sticky I’d say we have a fairly decent one already.

I have but it said user not found

Then you don’t own an account, or you have lost the name of the account.

ayup, same thing happened to me, I got an account way back in january, and now it has disappeared.

also while trying to recover it said that no such account exists.

I do own the account, as I’ve said I signed up when you could have a desired password.

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Is this common then?

no idea it just happened to me too

Have you tried reporting a bug?

EDIT: Before anyone goes at me, if the account magically vanished, then it can be classified as a bug, as far as I know

Fruxodaily I heard that last month alot of accounts were blocked because of inactivity (30 minutes or less). Of course this doesn’t apply if you played it recently

I signed up for a key when I was nearly over my data, I couldn’t download the game at the time because if i did it would of put me on super slow speeds

30mins and less of inactivity sounds retarded

Same problem here. I wasn’t able to login when I first registered due to the Chrome bug (only saw the background of the site). So are we basically just fucked or is there anything we can do?

Label it the “Rust: Ask for, you get” thread.

I would love that.