Regarding animating shared QC, poses, and ikrule


I decided to do character animation. Currently modding Source SDK Content stuff. Which is the DoD stuff. Anyway, if you want to keep the floating left hand on the two handed weapon (K98 for example) you have to add “ikrule lhand touch “ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand”” to the macro for the desired Idles in the SDK_Player_Shared QC. This locks the left hand position to move in conjunction with the right hand which has the main weapon bone. So I animate all the poses for idles, right? Well turns out that ikrule for some reason moves the left arm position up. Any animation such as a reload or a melee attack will not have the ikrule lock. So when you reload the left arm snaps back to my original pose and then plays the animation. Once the animation is finished it snaps back to wherever the ikrule wants it to be.

I can move the arm to the approximate location that the ikrule moves it to which makes the effect almost not noticeable, but that requires a lot of trial and error and moving the arm to positions that look odd for the pose. Is there some other way to set this up to make it so the ikrule does not change the translation of the left arm on the idle poses? Any input is appreciated. :slight_smile:

The whole line:
$sequence StandIdle_name “Idle_Poses_Standing” frame frame frame origin -6 0 0 loop numframes 16 addlayer aimmatrix_idle activity ACT_DOD_STAND_IDLE_name 1 ikrule lhand touch “ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand” cmdlist foottouch