regarding appeals, appealing process

i came in contact with an EAC admin who referred me to facepunch regarding an appeals process that i may be able to undergo. is this possible?

If you’re referring to an EAC ban, post your Steam ID, EAC/Rust devs can’t look your detection records up in the database without it.

If this is not about an EAC ban you’ll need to elaborate.


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i am just curious as to if there is an appeals process i can do to get the eac ban removed from my account, my fuck up about a year or two ago has really started to affect and limit the amount of games I can now play

Well, I don’t see a game ban on your Steam account, and I don’t see any entries in the EAC ban twitter feed, so it doesn’t appear that you’re banned at all.

Were you banned from one particular server, or all of them?

All of them, I was EAC banned about a year or two back.

I just saw your first merged message about your EAC ban being older. Well, hopefully an EAC dev will come by and look up your Steam ID in the system. If the ban is valid, you’re done and the ban is permanent. If the ban was a mistake, they’ll remove it.

Also, if you’re banned from Rust in EAC, it should not impact other EAC-using games as I understand it – and that comes from the words of the EAC devs themselves. At the very least, an EAC ban from another game does not impact Rust. I suppose it’s theoretically possible that a different game using EAC’s services could ask to sample from the other game databases and treat them as global bans for that game.

it is a valid ban, all i am asking in this thread is if there’s an appeals process i may be able to undergo

If you legitimately cheated, get a new Steam account and take this as a lesson learned. There is no appeal process for valid bans. They’re permanent.

is there a possibility this could have been an invalid ban? anyway to see that

You just said it is a valid ban and earlier described it as a “fuckup”, and it was a year or so ago (EAC wasn’t in use two years ago). It seems to me like you got caught cheating and didn’t think it was a mistake. Why the sudden shift after you were told you won’t get a second chance?

Now, I should make it clear that I’m not a Rust dev or affiliated with EAC, so I don’t have access to the ban database and cannot give you answers either way. If one of the devs/EAC guys sees this thread, they can look your Steam ID up and check what the database says. They browse the forum regularly, although you may not get a response within a couple hours, especially over the weekend, so please be patient.

still need assistance! mr troll didn’t help much ^

What more do you need to know? He already told you everything that is relevant. Format your computer of any cheats,buy the game again. It is the only way. And oh…Don’t cheat?

the ban was placed years ago, reformatting my pc would be completely irrelevant at this point, you are spewing information i already know. all i need to know is if there is an appealing process i can go through, read the post buddy.

Again, he already told you, there is NO ban appeal. What are you not getting

I appreciate the fact that EAC is responsive to player queries and does checks on request to validate account bans… this lets the community know they’re there, working on one of the game’s most noticeable problems. Like most people, I also enjoy a good “false ban” bullshit thread complete with self-pity and screenshots of nefarious activity by the OP on various paid cheat sites.

But for the sake of cleanliness… if the EAC appeals process involves posting on a message board, shouldn’t we have a sub-forum for that?

Odds are that they tell them to post here just so such threads happen. What with how 99% of the time the ban ends up justified and all. Might as well give the community some entertainment in the form of someone who thought they were hot shit when they were cheating being reduced to cold diarrhea via pleading/feigning innocence.

EAc’s actual process is for you to go to their own forum, but they do visit these forums to address threads (usually). If this was so important for this guy, he’s taken over a year and counting to give a shit enough to find that out for himself. :v:

yes i know that, but it was told to me the eac ban was placed by a FACEPUNCH admin.

So you are a fuk boi who obviously sucks at Rust and decided to cheat like a scumbag now you are crying and moaning about an appeals process. So should they let every hacking piece of shit back because they had a change of heart or just you because you are fukkin special? You are obviously horrible at the game and made mommy pay so you can cheat at a video game online which is the lowest of the low and now you are being a bitch because you got caught. You obviously can’t handle playing rust and I suggest downloading mine craft. Now get the fuk off the forums and wasting people’s time because no one gives a flying fuk you whiny little bitch.

(User was banned for this post ("" - bucksexington))

(User was banned for this post ("" - bucksexington))

You cheated and you got caught and banned. It’s on you that it’s affecting other areas.