regarding banned players continue to play

As title say. I witness several players from the “TAL” clan on the server amsterdam 3 getting banned, and that is great since theyre known hackers and are shoting people true walls etc. Anyway today same thing happend again : server message "TAL Decl getting kicked and banned cause off cheat but he continue to be on the server, i have a screenshot off it here
This have happend several times, why? do they eaven have a anti unban hack or?

My best guess would be that these fucknuggets have way too much money on their hands and buy new copies, only to be banned again.

If there’s a server message, it sounds like it’s a modded server running an antihack. It might not be banning them, simply kicking them instead.

Yeah its the official server run by facepunch, server says it kicks and bans player but the players are still there saying : lol im still here etc profanity and stuff.

That was a player with the same name. That’s all. Cheeky, but we ban the id, not the name.

Just as buck say… if you look at the name banned (Decl) and the player talking (decl), not the same player.