Regarding being "Gamebanned"

Hello Facepunch / community;

I’m extremely sorry if this is the wrong place to post something in regards to game bans but I did a google search in regards to posting about it or how to resolve the issue and links sent me to this sub-forum.

I’ve had rust since 2014, played it on and off with friends since, recently, we got extremely addicted to the game and found a server that suited our needs perfectly.

I logged on today as normal, and started to craft in our base, during that time I was actually posting on the servers steam group in regards to plugins we would like to see added to the server in the future, while posting that I noticed I got disconnected but didn’t pay attention to the reasoning and just tried to reconnect. It was then that I noticed it said “You have been banned from the sever”; I figured this was strange, since I was the only one online and have done nothing wrong to warrant a ban from the server, so I decided to browse and join another one until I could get in contact with the server admin.

At this point, I noticed I had been in-game banned. I’m extremely confused as to why, I’ve played the game how it’s meant to be played and put in over 30+ hours this week alone base building, crafting and raiding. I’ve never used vulgar language on servers, I’ve never said repulsive comments or made remarks about anyone and I certainly haven’t cheated in any way.

Could this be a false ban due to something conflicting that your anti-cheat didn’t like? Like I said I’m very confused and a little disheartened, as right now I can’t play Rust.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, if this is the wrong place to post, please let me know and I’ll resolve it. I looked at the support page but it didn’t have anything that would suggest it’s a place to discuss such matter.

Edit: I was told to add my Steam ID, here it is - STEAM_0:0:93828120


you don’t need to sign the bottom of your form lol

anti-cheat works very simple it monitors the memory on your RAM looking for programs running alongside of rust. specifically programs that allow you to cheat on rust.

it’s extremely accurate and functions very well. please keep in mind that I am NOT somebody from the eac. however they typically browse on these forms and one might be in touch with you shortly please be patient and provide any details that you can.

What a shame.
I hope you get unbanned.


Don’t hurt me when we say this but we have verified that you are banned.


(User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick" - rilez))

Fake valve employee …

EAC bans after confirming detection of cheats, could be days or weeks later.

i hate EAC :slight_smile:

obvious fake. valve don’t apologise.

If you want EAC to look into it, you’ll want to add your steam ID to your original post. You can also contact them on their website.

Added, thanks for the advice. Could you possibly link me to their website?

( but i think SMa may be looking into it already)

Thank you.

I did actually look on their site but I wasn’t sure if they had control over the actual banning process, plus I would of thought that it wouldn’t of been EAC who actually banned me, due to the fact I’ve not done anything to warrant a ban from a Anti-cheat company.

i just got gamebanned also and never ran a cheat in my life

I don’t get it. This guys clearly legit, his name is ValveEmployee too!

that makes it real!

The account in question has been banned from a definite detection of a paid cheat. The ban is permanent.

And another thread unfolds exactly to pattern. Game, set, match to EAC as usual. Who could’ve predicted it?

You smug bastard. ;D


Why don’t people bite the bullet and be the lowly cheater that they are

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So very, very owned.

I don’t even feel bad for these people anymore.
But Garry thanks you for your money. Really!
And I bet the coder that made that script is enjoying his money as well.

the very definition of a used tool