Regarding coloured clothes

I know this hasn’t been fleshed out yet, but I was thinking. Instead of having generic colours (red,green,blue) for clothes, clothes could be died a specific RGB code. That way if players were trying to infiltrate using a disguise, they would have to guess at what colour was being used. Assuming groups didn’t choose an obvious colour like pure red, on close examination you would be able to tell if a uniform in genuine or not. Now I haven’t decided if it would be good to allow picked up clothes to be examined for their code so that players could kill to get that information, because that would invalidate groups trying to keep their code a secret (once you find the code, you would always have it). Rather, once you have gotten a hold of some clothes, you should be able to put it next to the clothes creator and move sliders around until you find a colour that is close.

Also, I think there would have to be some sort of filter on the clothes, so people can’t just take a screenshot and then use an external program to find out the exact colour.

brown and beige is good enough

how about like with gmod eventually, but with custom cloths out the ass, only, slightly limited so you don’t see this


with a choice of civilian, camo, and others.

why not allow people to have bright colors?

it would be detrimental to their stealth, makes them easier to spot, so people who intend to survive wont use flashy colors

people wont use flashy colors just because its more detrimental than it is beneficial

no, they’ll still use bright colors :v: and there isn’t exactly much stealth in the game anyways.

and because its a post-apoc zombie hell. Who the hell would wear perfectly clean rainbow in the middle of that.

I think that much later on within the games development there would be a good place with specially designed armor(which might most definetly be implemented) but not too much to the point where we get the example J!NX kindly showed, but then again I am just a lowly noob haha