Regarding 'Derp Trolling'

Seriously, this guy (or guys) are assholes that are ruining GMod, they even openly admit to DDoSing Gmod severs (And other sites like EA etc) on Derp Trolling (You can google up Derp Trolling)

I hate when people like this really ruin our gaming experiences.

Call their number and ask if it’s the Krusty Krab.

That’s a wise decision? First time in this part of the forums and i see you raging already :confused:

Trust me, I’m from /b/.

why would he ask if it’s the krusty krab when it’s obviously patrick?

because it always annoys the shit out of people

I am also pretty sure you don’t wanna hear him yell his name over and over as well.

By mentioning them or acknowledging the attack you are feeding them the attention that they want. Stop feeding them the attention and the attacks stop or slow down. The attacks are pretty easy to block and we even got this automated alert awhile ago and wasn’t even aware because our firewall had blocked it.

To be honest, we should report these assholes to the FBI.

Not every datacenter has a fancy dancy automatic filtering system, unfortunately.

This thread should just die.

The system which actually blocked the attack was some simple IPTables.

There’s always a way around things bro.

Also how do you know that DDOS is from Derp Trolling? That’s from yesterday and they’ve been active today it seems since everyone is complaining about it.************

Edit: Fuck. Damn links.

Every time they attack someone they make a tweet mocking them

Because they mentioned something along the lines of “Everyone enjoying the random TCP SYN’s these past weeks causing your machines to disconnect?” and we’ve been being hit by TCP Syn Floods for the last 4-5 days.

Only when successful, Imagine how many times they fail?

There is a phone service you call/text to request to take down a server/site, people even request it on his page. So even if people don’t mention him, it can still be requested, though I know that he doesn’t always take down servers successfully. Its just annoying how he has a Twitter count pretty much saying openly what he is doing and his account is not being shut down for it.

Maybe we can counteract his service by calling another DDoSing service and they can have DDoS wars while we watch and laugh.

Every datacenter should have a filtering system, the big ceo datacenters do like facebook, google etc.
I can’t believe DDoS is still a issue. Its fucking 2013 and DDoS started around from the 1980s in irc rooms to yahoo booters. I hope DDoS is a issue of the past when ipv6 and google fiber comes around. Also IPTABLES will not help when the attack is bigger then the line you are on. Iptables will only filter small attacks. And the fbi wont do shit about DDoS on small community’s, maby if you where sony pictures the fbi would look into the DDoS attacks.