regarding EAC and autohotkey/logitech setpoint

Hi guys new here,

I recently came back to rust to try the new build but soon realised, i can not. The reason being that i have a serious disability and can only use a mouse with four buttons and have to use autohotkey for the rest. Two of those buttons get disabled thanks to EAC.

Now i can understand why you would be reluctant to allow hotkey since it can allow rapid fire, anti-recoil, etc… However there is hardware that can achieve the very same thing. Also these are nothing compared to wallhacking and aimbotting and while the new anti-cheat gets rid of these, it is punishing legitimate rebinding software users.

if any dev sees this please consider excluding ahk, setpoint plus any other rebind software from your EAC

wtf eac is blocking my buttons Next/prev and also Middle click of my logitech mouse, it’s a PAIN to navigate on the internet without those 3 buttons while rust is running in background…!! fix it plz you know that some people do multiples things at same time ? otherwise i would have bought a console.

try and avoid spamming old threads.

the solution is to use a standard mouse or touchpad. especially if you plan on being idle in rust while you surf the net.

don’t be silly… ofc i’m using a standard mouse… that why me and dozen of others are complaining about games where eac is included. eac is blocking standard mouses, middle click and prev/next buttons have been on mouses since a least 15 years :s

you don’t understand that out of all anticheats (including better ones), eac is the only one which is doing that ?

Well mrknifey, if he opened a new thread there would probably be some other smartass posting he should use the search function first to check if there was already a thread on that topic.

Its fine user9999 you did it all right.

I wish autohotkey wasn’t blocked. I use a few macros outside of game which means while Rust is running none of that works.

I’m using autohotkey to remap some keys too, can’t do it with EAC. Well don’t want no recoil or cheating neither. So I don’t know what can be done about that.

maybe, maybe not. i personally ask 2 questions before a bump; how old is the thread, and am i adding anything new to it. typically if it’s older than a week i’ll avoid it because there is unlikely to be anything relevent i could add.

but meh, everyone can do whatever they want i guess lol