Regarding hacks, hacker reporting, and server advertising. Please read before posting about them.

1. Hacks
Here’s the current status on hackers, as mentioned in the Rust development blog:

So yeah, progress is still actively being done against hackers, as it always has been (numerous patches have been made to break hacks and VAC is also enabled). Please refrain from making new repeat threads demanding something be done because, well, something IS being done. Instead, please be patient and read up about it on the Rust development blog if you want further updates on the situation.
While the official servers do have admins, so many people use them that it’s gonna be difficult to catch every hacker 24/7. You can always try some smaller community-run servers in the mean time if you prefer, but the best course of action is still gonna be some form of automated deterrents.


More progress is still being done.

2. Reporting hackers
Here’s the correct method for reporting a hacker, as mentioned in the Rust development blog:

Please refrain from making ban requests here on the forum over a cheater you saw. Use the twitter instead if you really want to help, and please make sure you provide a link to their steam account. Just giving their name at the time is useless. Steam > View > Players if you want to find the steam ID’s of people you’ve recently played with.

ALSO, you can now report hackers in game with the F7 key. Use that. if their name has unusual characters, copy-paste the name from their steam profile which you can find using the method above.

3. Server advertising
It’s not allowed here period. Please refrain from posting threads about your server here or you might get banned. Especially if your first post here is just a server advertisement.
If you want a place to advertise your server, please use this instead:

Thanks for reading.