Regarding mounting content for dedicated servers

In regards to mount.cfg and mounting content for a dedicated server, once I’ve installed the dedicated server files for…let’s say Counter-Strike: Source as an example…do I need to keep all the dedicated server files, or can I delete everything except for the .VPK files?

Basically, I’m running a GMOD server from an Ubuntu 12.04 dedicated server box I rent from and I don’t want to have the entirety of a cstrike server sitting on my box and I’ve always wondered if I could just delete everything other than the VPK files and if GMOD would be able to mount content from the VPK files.

Obviously I don’t know how GMOD “mounts” content and if there are specific files required to properly mount everything, or if it just looks for the VPK files (formerly the GCFs before Steampipe) and mounts those.

Iirc, CS:S by default has content in materials, models, maps, sound, and resource. You can delete everything but those folders and the .vpk’s. If any of the folders I listed are empty, then you can delete those, too.

Ahhh. Good to know. I personally own every game GMOD can mount and I have them all mounted (except for Zeno Clash which strangely enough has not been converted to Steampipe yet) and I’ve always wondered whether or not I could just upload the VPKs from all those games and mount them all on a sandbox server.

Zeno Clash has been converted to Steampipe:

They used to have a separate model pack just for GMod, but they took it down and just included everything with the main game.

Odd. I checked for a “Betas” tab for Zeno Clash to convert it to Steampipe, but it didn’t have one the last time I checked. GMOD can’t seem to mount it anyway.

Maybe I should try uninstalling and reinstalling Zeno Clash.

Actually, it seems they restored the Zeno Clash Models package in the Tools section, so download that. Also, Zeno Clash didn’t have a Steampipe beta, it just moved straight to common.

Alrighty. I did not know that :v:

Kinda unrelated FYI Zeno Clash on SteamPipe is not mountable on client the default way.

Welp once I downloaded the models via Tools on Steam, it’s showing up as mounted on Gmod. So I now have all the games mounted :v:

Just looked into it, and yeah, apparently you have to download the model pack to use the mods in GMod. I will try to fix that.