Regarding the BETA key

So i have bean reading a little about this… so do you have to be a gold member to get a BETA Key?
and also is it a sure thing if i get gold membership?

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Only if you read the thread where it’s posted.

no you don’t get it for being Gold. That’s not the whole reason behind Gold. Read around a bit before jumping in!

I jumped in and managed to get a rust key, but indeed you are not that likely to get a Rust key now…

haha ok thanks guys for the help… Good game tho rite?

In this thread

The person that posted the keys said if you get gold you are guaranteed a key. You can see how that can be confusing.

Ya thats why i thought if you get gold you get one

What have I to make to be GOLD and this way obtain a key?

Go to buy upgrades and buy gold for $10 bro

He’s asking if he’ll get a rust key, not how to buy gold.

Even if he buys gold the thread for the beta keys the image is removed as I heard from a person with Gold.
Oh nuuuuuuuu.

O my bad bro i didn’t really understand him