Regarding the bugs

Just so you all know, we’re well aware of all the showstopping issues and are going to fix them ASAP. Currently we’re redoing some of the backend which is preventing us from pushing an update out but rest assured we’re doing everything we can to address the exploits, hackers, and lag!

The walls, man…
the walls…

anyway, good to know!

Great to hear.

I would make one recommendation, make a twitter account for the game. Something that would allow you to update people when a server wipe was imminent and also so you could advise people when downtime is going to take longer than normal and so on.
After that I would not use it if I was you, just ignore incoming messages and block PM’s. Thats what the forum is for :slight_smile:


I really hope you make it so people can’t build around the loot spawns. Kinda annoying when someone is getting all that loot.


You should probably be waiting on a more stable engine before concerning yourself with feature additions.

How are you planning on fixing the entities limit getting hit within 2-3 days?

I’m fine out in the wilderness on my own. Once more random spawns are implemented around the map I’ll be as happy as a hyperactive puppy with a squeeky toy.

Where can we post bug reports? Make a thread? I can make another amalgamation thread as I discover more and more bugs…

Thank you. I was already wondering about what was going on since the newspage hasn’t been updated for a few days. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see you guys improve the game constantly.
I’m keeping an eye on it.

The one thing I could ask for that would make this game perfect for testing at this point, is make players not have to fear leaving the game with personal belongings in chests.

I am scared to leave my stuff due to people being able to glitch through walls and take my stuff. So before I log off, I take all my stuff and my sleeping bag and put it in invi, it’s a huge hassle but it’s needed if I want to keep my stuff.

Other than that, sounds good, Helk!

Eventually that’s going to be possible with metal buildings, turrets, etc. (as said by one of the devs (might’ve been garry) in one of their posts), so in mid-late tier game you will not have to worry as much.

The one thing about this games appeal is that you’re never truly safe. Complete safety would reduce the benefit to exploring, and reward hoarding. You can turn the tables on a very well off player currently, and that appeals to me almost more. I know it’s hard, and a lot of hours could go to waste any moment…but therein lies the beauty.

There’s a game-breaking structure duplication bug I would like to report but I feel that if I post it either here or on github it will likely be exploited to the detriment of testing. Is there any place I can post it confidentially?

Better put it up on the Github even though people will exploit it. At least it’ll be fixed at some point.

Strelo, post it here, we’ll fix it immediately

I’m thinking that he is referring to when two people pickup an item at the same time, I’ve heard that is the method of duplication, but there might be others.