Regarding the Future of Combat and the Experience System

Allow me to preface this by saying I haven’t read anything on this forum about either of the two subjects mentioned in the title, so if any ideas suggested here are repeats from other posts please do not take offence.
I don’t really feel like creating a proper paragraph for this stuff so I’ll just do it in bullet points

Experience System: I know this is a controversial topic, and at first I was avidly against the idea. However, I’ve come to liking it. The following are some things I’d like to see with the addition of XP over time.

-Faster aiming with the bow as you use it
-Faster chopping down trees and mining rocks as you gather resources
-Faster reload speeds the more you use a weapon
-Large kickback to guns that slowly lessens over use?

Combat In General: I believe combat in general needs a rework in Rust, and I blame a few key features that I’d love to see changed.

-Nakeds should run MUCH faster than fully geared armoured guys. This would introduce a super cool dynamic to battle where melee weapons like machetes are actually viable.
-Guns need to be nerfed in a really creative way. I don’t want to ruin the gunplay, but it drives me crazy to see good bowmen die to armoured guys whose spraypattern looks like a four-year-old’s fingerpainting. Perhaps the problem is more with armour. Either way, I’d love to see some kind of nerf
TL:DR** I think Rust’s combat system is great, but it could be a million times better if melee weapons could be used in combat and guns took a bit more skill to use

if xp system do more than unlock tech, i stop playing the game… because i can’t play much and i hate games with level anyway. But for rust i get a try with 3 foots behind. if i see any kind of idiot xp stuff i can play minecraft because xp system in minecraft is just for enchatments is more like a soul prison than real xp system

for combat, first thing really need is to lay down. after it, i really like naked can run fast, like 1/3 faster than a heavy guy will be nice. but actually i just did melee ataque agains armed guys and win… when 30 foots away i see 2 guys getting stone, they see me and shoot i use the stone to get close and jump over killing one, the other run away i get the first gun and kill the second one LOL

Yea I just bowed two road sign fuck monkeys by myself.
I do like the naked out running someone with full gear

I like your way of thinking its a more mature point of view towards the game

I also think that melee weapons are not given there full worth and the player should be rewarded more for using them in game

there should be better melee weapon dynamics introduced to encourage players to use them much more

and for me melee weapons are much more fun in battles and how you would expect it to be in apocalyptic survival game

Ideally I’d like to see the entire “round” i.e. wipe cycle last a lot longer and spread the acquisition of guns for much later in the game - it should be really hard to make them and be very expensive to take them out. I think that would solve the melee problem. Of course, prolonging the game isn’t going to be viable for some time!

i honestly think guns take enough skill to use as is

No, the crossbow/bow combo is powerful enough. Its relatively short range and takes skill, but if you don’t miss you can roll people before they know its happening.

Exactly, last friday for instance I was geared with full road sign,bucket helmet and a AK mining nodes. Then a guy with a bow headshotted me in my back, I then turn around quickly grab my AK and before i’ve launched 3 shots I got another headshot and was dead…rip:(