Regarding the map wipes...

Hey guys,

Just letting you know we periodically have to do a wipe of the server. This wont happen forever, but you’ll probably notice it happens every 48 hours or so. Unfortunately some optimizations need to be made to the building structures so they don’t use up all of our view ID’s. When people build a lot of stuff, it ends up preventing the server from creating new entities and the only way to fix it is to do a clean wipe of all the placed objects. In the long run this will never happen once some gameplay mechanics are sorted out, decay is added, and the aforementioned optimizations are made.

It’s an alpha so this sort of thing is bound to happen without warning but I thought I’d let you guys know anyway. The server was last wiped at approximately 9pm EST (and is now running much better) However, your inventory should remain unaffected by this wipe.

Stability, Hackers, and issues like this are some of the things I’m going to be looking at this week. Cheers all, and thanks for playing!

Thank you for letting us know you will be dealing with the hacking

Can we start having scheduled wipes so we have more of a notice? Once every 36 hours or so? It’s not that I don’t appreciate this notice, this is awesome, but it is still an unknown number.

Could you combine the non-destructibles to a single viewId, or combine them with a reasonably coarse quadtree?

I actually enjoy the game more with a wipe. Lets our team reorganize and brings good times :slight_smile: Can’t wait for more patches Helk
The start
Sleeping bag fests

Something along these lines is exactly what we’re working on. The hacking is paramount, however because this issue is an artifact of that. People speedhack trees for thousands of wood per minute and build whatever they want

I’m so glad you guys are focusing on fixing hacking, are you going to punish the people that have been hacking before now?

I haven’t played Rust yet, but would it be possible to add some sort small and non-intrusive watermark to the hud (similar to the text that Gmod 9 had back in the day) that regularly checks a tiny .txt document on a central server that you could quickly update to give estimates on the upcoming wipes and whatnot? Obviously just as a temporary measure to get dev messages directly into the game itself

The thing is, the hackers are emulating what would happen with a public release, so it’s possibly a good stress test for the system (both the rate and end-state of construction). There are two other things I can think of:

  • Division of construction limits using a dynamic quad tree- that is, when a certain count is reached, that leaf is split in 4, etc.

  • Culling or dynamic creation of items culled by buildings - interior junk. This is a tricky one though, because several grenades to a door might also damage interior items on the last few grenades, but that wouldn’t happen over the time it takes to register a busted door -> activate interior items.

Same here. The hackers are the only people that make it hard to defend our camp.

Thank you for announcing this. It has been bad recently and a few bans could help.

Yeah it’s really cool how you guys are focusing on fixing the speed hackers, I’ve never played this game but by watching people and hearing about it I can see that it might be a bit annoying that someone can just speed hack up to you, and kill you.

getting rid of hackers? yay :smiley:

To the people who get mad about map wipes: You’re supposed to be “testing” the game, technically, not actually playing it. But it seems the case is that many people get really into the game and build epic shit. Be warned, this is pre-alpha, stuff like this will happen regularly

yeah thats the thing… half of the people that have gotten a copy of the game dont even test it they even use the bugs to their advantage.