Regarding "The Noob Wave"

Hello there, members of facepunch!

I’ve been scrolling around this forum sence I joined, wich I have to admit; was around 12 - 16 hours ago.

But it didn’t take me long to see that pepole on here is really against some of the new players.
(hi guys derpderpderp)
(Gimme keeeeeey OMFG xdxdxdxd)

And I do understand that for older members all of us is the same, but it’s not like that.

Sure, Rust is the reason I got here. But that dosent mean I would beg for a key and never speak or be to be heard of again…

(I’m cutting all the crap to make this post simple)

So I guess where I want to come with this is;

Please, don’t give ALL the new members such a hard time… Some of us wants to fit in.

We’re not giving them a hard time because they are new.

We are pissed because they can’t read around before they make a thread.

So, there shouldn’t be any dificulties for me to stick in?

Sticking it in will never be a problem.

As long as you don’t make stupid threads/remaking threads that are already being discussed then no, you should fit in just fine.

Shortly said;

I use the forum the way it’s meant to be used.