Regarding the source engine update that is causing the client.dll issue.

You have to wait for Garry to update Garrysmod. Figured I’d get in before all the threads cropped up :v:


Seems like launching any game that got updated crashes steam, atleast for me.

What the fuck did valve do?

Mine wont even update unless my computer is in standby, wierd.
So I guess the “secret update” is coincident with another Valve update that breaks Gmod? sigh
Edit: No okay that was a weird internet glitch, count on Valve to release 2gigs worth of updates at the same time and overwhelm my internet connection…
Lol gigajew hating on everybody

Wow i was this close to removing my GMod folder and reinstalling everything >.<

A lot of people on the perskin thread have this same problem.

I only joined looking for answers but I found them now!


I get the error Could not get client.dll interface from library client!
I wonder what it has to do with the game!

I just installed wiremod before this happened, and i thought i broke my garrys mod by installing wiremod haha.

Sweet mother of god.

107 people reading this…Jesus. You’d think after 5 years they’d have found a better solution than “oh well game broke wait for garry to fix it”, like maybe halting updates until they’re tested.

The issue here is that it requires a codemerge and Valve aren’t responsible for Garrysmod.

Then why did they send a corrupt update that was mandatory to download before you could use Garrys mod!

It’s up to Garry to update the codebase and he also lives in the UK (It’s currently 23:37 at time of writing) whereas it’s 15:37 in Seattle, USA. They don’t inform Garry before they update the engine so he has to do it as soon as he can.

I agree well I’ll be here twiddling my thumbs and waiting!

I wouldn’t mind the fact that my garrysmod update has been stuck at 99% for the past twenty minutes if I could still play gmod, but I can’t. (Then again, it says I’ve played for 666 hours and today’s the 13[SUP]th[/SUP], so maybe its bad luck…)

Well its not Friday yet (so that’s not totally bad luck)

Christ 400 people viewing the forum… this update is going to bring down FP with angry people wondering why they cant play gmod.

Damn you Valve! We still love you though :stuck_out_tongue:

ffs i just updated and cant load either XD wish garry would test updates before he released them.