Regarding the update on steam that happened now.

I downloaded a new patch a few minutes ago, and no there’s only 2 community server showing off.

In history tab,i tried to log into Ireland exp. server. Wrong version.

Does it mean server are going to get wiped now?

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-> Added SeedRandom.

What does it mean?

Seed refers to the map that is created. So admins, even though a server is wiped can reload the same “world” every time there is a wipe by designating the same seed number. Stuff is still wiped but the map stays the same. Adding random I think just gives the opportunity to change the world map every time there is a wipe. Normaly in the server config files standard says seed: default

If there is an update server admins need to update their servers or they do not show up. Admins normaly dont sit at their computers 24/7 waiting to do the updates :slight_smile: so it may take a few hours sometimes.

Yes there will be a whipe. If you check the Twitter for updates, anytime you see protocol++ that means servers will need to be reset.

Latest update did not wipe anything.

It sure did wipe my world – everything we had is gone.

Confirming it wiped mine. Get used to this, we are in a phase where they are making significant changes and additions in the game which will cause the saves to be incompatible frequently.

I can’t wait for it to settle down but yeah - it’s to be expected.

Didn’t wipe mine, although I’m used to the wipes after updates, odd it didn’t this time.

wiped mine

wiped my friends