Regarding the Workshop

Hey there.

I am always eager to browse the Workshop for cool items to use in poses or just for fun when I’m playing singleplayer. Loads and loads of content, but it’s quite hard to find the diamond from the puddle of diarrhea. So that’s why I’m asking: Is there a filter option that I’m not seeing? I would love to get rid of all those pony models when I want to find something that’s not awful and stupid.

I have looked and I can’t find a filtering tab anywhere so I suggest that one gets added.

I agree with you when I go in workshop dupes and addons are together, they should be separated.

On the right side of the Workshop page underneath “TYPE”, click on the checkbox by “Addon”. This will make it show only addons, nothing else.

I also meant that you should be able to filter out words.

Thats has become a useless feature due to poor moderation… These days I get addons popping up under maps when going through both in game and steam client… The things someone people do to get their thing noticed…