Regarding This Thread

a bunch of low life cheats is what you guys are who gang up on innocent people as you could clearly see 80% of the people all made sarcastic comments and wild assumptions… petty low life scammers who couldn’t provide evidence towards anything and just make a comment lock thread so it cant be challenged…Are you afraid of a challenge admin?? of course you are because you know you cant prove jack…All words and afraid to communicate…

close this thread ban this account doesn’t matter i proved a point if anyone is a cheat here its you guys…as i’m here your not your locking threads and running…

Hope you fall and break your neck or your kids die of cancer low life scum screw you and your game lol cheap petty bastards

(User was permabanned for this post ("" - bucksexington))

Wow, must be a pretty pathetic life you have to nerd rage over a game

What point did you prove, other than a delusional state of denial? You were caught red handed, time to go legit or move on.

Trough your anger we gain strength. <insert palpatine laughter here>

Having a hissy fit on the forum about how you weren’t told the exact thing that triggered your ban doesn’t accomplish anything other than making you look more guilty. Seriously, the fact that you aren’t threatening to sue is the only thing keeping you a step above the “special” tier.

If they disclose what triggered EAC and it was in fact some sort of hack, it would somehow get relayed back to the author and they could put out a new version that evades detection for longer sooner. But hey, if you want to believe that they are lying to you, whatever then.

I still work for facepunch and you still havent given me your credit card information to verify you purchased the game