Region's Sandbox

This is my new sandbox server, it’s mostly for people to have fun :3 if you need any help ask me (also if you need to godmode so people can’t kill you and to build peacefully tell me) Thanks!


Full Wiremod
Easy Precision
Fading Door
PlayX (Youtube Player)
Prop Protection
Stacker STool
PAC hatmaker


Teamfortress 2
CounterStrike: Source
Day Of Defeat: Source
HalfLife2: Ep2


Don’t Spam Props Or Annoy Others
Don’t Disrespect Admins
Have Fun :3


Estimated download time for slow internetz: 3-4 Minutes


Hey sandbox!, cool.

laugh all you want lmao

No really, I support sandbox, I wasn’t being sarcastic, nobody runs normal sandbox servers anymore. Or well, any good ones.

You gotta be kidding me.


“This is my new sandbox server, it’s mostly for people to have fun :3”
Absolutely brilliant. I love the concept behind your server. Best of luck bro!

Finally a new sandbox server.

Also, I don’t care about the addons, they’re there to enhance the fun. Sandbox isn’t just for building, it’s for anything.
I’ll make sure to join when I get some free time to see what it’s all about.

thx :stuck_out_tongue: its offline when im offline… it’s not a hosted server. its a SRCDS… gets minimal lag tho cuz i got 6 cores

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and a good connection

It is now online again!

server is now up again with the hatmaker addon!

I would say buy a small pc and use it as a server or rent a server. Most people will like a 24/7 sever way more.

Its not that lol, my pc can take it running in the BG but its the connection thats my problem, i wanna get the best connection cuz i have 4 people using it in my house

Then dont make a server with shitty 5mb net connection

its 20mb and go back to your cave troll

When giving crticsim is trolling?

Criticism is something he can work on thats a fact. You went ahead and assumed things that turned out to be untrue.

how is that criticism