Registration for new accounts have been closed

Should stop all you hipsters from complaining momentarily

someone’s mad

You can’t deny that most of you who have been here from the beginning have been acting like elitist pricks.

Lots of people from reddit that hate us just because we are facepunchers, making the server lag, killing people with hatchets and griefing in all other ways possible, using hacks and exploits. We have a reason to be pissed.

Generalizing a community into one person isn’t cool man. Why don’t they make it so you have to pay to weed out any people without an income?

I am not saying all reddit is bad. I don’t even blame the community. But I do want all the griefing people out of the game, because it’s so addictive and I want to play it myself without someone spamming my house with doors or whatever.

I just want to know when i can register. like it was my luck that registration was closed 5 hours before i get on. lol

With good reason. If you’d played before the great influx, you’d know of our peaceful co-operative adventures.

Now you can’t walk 5 feet without a hatchet to greet you.

You seriously couldn’t have expected it to be like that forever, it happened with DayZ and it happens with most open world games when the masses flock to it, this game would have been no exception.

And although its true players KOS all the fucking time, I did happen to come across a lovely bloke from the Dominican Republic and we built a pretty sweet base. It was really fucking cool.

Keep checking

ok thanks <3

Funny enough… having experienced both (mostly lurking here) you guys act exactly the same. The blame for how the servers were lies in the fact that the key requirement dropped and people were bound to flood the game… it’s a FREE(for now) Dayz/Minecraft survival game.

People on Reddit aren’t praising killing each other either.

We expected more than two fucking days.

That is the power of advertisement my friend, reddit, PsiSydicate and the polish MMO site caused it. Maybe in the future another server can open for only the first 2000 accounts eh?

Do you really think that calling us hipsters, using emoticons and all that stupid shit no one likes here, and just generally offending us and blaming us for the game’s problems is going to want us to open registration again?

Except its a fucking Alpha and it was never meant to leak outside of Facepunch. Hell, most of the “DayZ and Minecraft Survival” part of the game is going to be scrapped and completely redone soon anyway.

I just played for the first time in about a month and yeah it’s gone to shit. I was killed instantly. Hell, not even the PDF where this annoying.

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Not to mention the lag.

That must be why garry posted it on his twitter? You are also saying that pretty much the entire game is going to be scrapped?

yeah man

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like totally

At least the redditors are trapped in this corner of FP.