Registration is Closed for a Reason, Please Quit Spamming and Whining

Go home people, there’s nothing to see here (for a while).
You’re wasting your breath.
Stop whining and begging.

Nobody knows exactly when this period of barred entry is over.
They’re not going to re-open the floodgates again until they can handle it.

None of us nor you is special, we just happened to register during the window and you didn’t.
Check back occasionally, read the news on the website, you’ll know when you can get in.
Until then, please quit spamming the forum.

You know they wont listen to you they will do it for as long as it takes.

To be totaly honest , I think they have all the right in the world to know when it will reopen .Its true that they could quit spamming the forums , but you aint better , spamming it telling them to stop. . .

Maybe if at least they had some answers they’d sop for a while !

Not really. It’s a free game in its baby stages, to be honest you don’t have the right to anything. If it was something you paid for, sure. But that is not the case.