Regret Buying Rust .

Rust is pretty much an unplayable piece of shit ive tried literally over 100 times to get started in the pvp server but whenever i do a gang of fat Sweaty 12 year olds shoot me in the back and camp my spawn. i want to sell my account if anyone is interested leave your skype in the description. and we will work out some sort of deal.

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You’re trying to sell something by letting people know how terrible it is?

At least hes honest. I bet hell be pmed by 20 peeps by the end of the hour.

yh i agree i want to sell my account 2 so add me on skype if ur intrsted

its really not a bad game. You just need to meet people and get good :)…

Also tell me. How does it feel to get beaten by fat sweaty 12 year olds :slight_smile:

The game is really not enjoyable in the current state. It’s pretty much Everyone-vs-Everyone unless you get lucky enough to get someone to survive with or just have enough shit to kill others with.

At least it’s still in alpha so anything can change, including the models itself if needed.

I am on the fence about buying this while it sounds like it could be fun, I also am thinking might be better to wait until we can rent private servers or at the very least host it ourselves and so forth.

While I understand its Alpha when I pay to play even a alpha I expect some measure of enjoyment…right now sounds like a pvp fest for bored players. And from what I am reading even on the PVE there is quite a bit of griefing going on.

That won’t help when Pat spawns in Cars for all the Large groups to go round with their Full Kevlar and M4’s taking every single Air drop. Honestly things like that just ruin it for everyone else because they’re going faster than your naked ass can run.

That argument is so wierd. If you wait, yes you will be able to play later on. But if you buy it now. You’ll be able to play it now AND later when all that stuff comes along. It is a good game, people crying will never stop :slight_smile:

im sorry but i cant keep myself from doing it . its basicly impossible for me to play the game right now because of these groups randomly shooting on sight even if i was screaming my ass of saying im friendly.