"Regroup On Me." - Discussion.



They are glowing.

they were in deep of underwater.

they are magic

I loled at the title

You seriously need to fix those shaders.

the maritime envmaps/phong maps were made for mw2 and not source so the ported phong is shitty source style instead of mw2’s glossy kind. whoever rigged it didn’t do it right so the rimlighting is super extreme

i wouldn’t expect anyone in screenshots to know how to fix that shit like i did so neither should you

“Who is Soap?”

I think the OP ported them


OP you’re a talentless hack

the models are really too shiny
but nice posing btw

he’s pointing his gun at the guy,one false move… looks good, im gettin kinda tired of just poses of MW2 people just standing there, but that could just be me