Regular Expression (shared) binary module for GMod

Wondering if there is any open-source one?
I couldn’t find any, so that’s why I am asking. (So, I don’t “reinvent the wheelie.”)
I could make one in C++ (which would use Boost) and then one in C# (System.Text.RegularExpressions)…

If you just need regular expressions in lua, a google search for “pure lua regex” yielded If you really want a module implementation, searching “Regular” in luarocks search yielded a few results.

In general I go look for luarocks that do what I need, and try to find the ones that are implemented in pure lua.

If you really need to, someone wrote something that helps you to use binary lua modules in gmod, though I’ve never gotten it to work (more my incompetence with the windows build system than anything else probably)