Regular SDK Laggy, L4D SDK fine

I’ve recently been having problems with my regular Source SDK, namely of course, Hammer.

It didn’t used to be this way before either. It’s just not the 3D view lagging, everything is; and the program seems to like to hang on doing a single task for a few minutes, then goes back to its laggy state.

However, I don’t have this problem at all with the L4D SDK. It’s perfectly fine.

I’ve tried defragging it (took about 10 seconds) and verifying it’s integrity. After I did that, it proceeded to reinstall itself over and over whenever I restarted it. I seemed to have stop that, but still can’t find a solution to this.


Generally, Hammer will be a bit slow for the first few minutes, and I’m guessing it’s because the data in the vmf is getting moved from the hard drive to the ram. It seems (at least for me) to ease up faster if I don’t have a million programs open in the background, and it might be your issue as well, if your system doesn’t have too much ram (granted that my assumption is correct)