REH_BlackJacks Contest of exceptional Creativity: "Stubbornness of the Resistance"

Due to the constant complaints and my own RL problems, the contest is called off.

I lost interest at “- Only models from HL² are allowed … NO custom weapons, vehicles or ragdolls”

Sorry but original HL2 ragdolls suck! They’re rigged like assholes.

Well, you should have read further … i allow ragdolls from Fakefactory’s Cinema Pack.
Your loss if you’re too pussy for a challenge.

Sounds legit, I’m game


But by reskins related to the Half Life Universe you mean we can use any the different skins that have been created for the Citizens/Rebels and the Combine/CPs ?

As long as it is the same model and it still fits into HL², yes.

Nice, a competition that actually rewards you for your efforts. I think I’ll consider making something.

Would Alexvestins weapon re-skins count? They’re just re-models, but its still technically the same model

There is the SMG

Thanks you for the reminder: Yes, these models are allowed too, since they were an attempt to make HL² look more Sci-Fi and still blend into.


I lost intrest quicky now, sorry :confused:

The date compared to that last ‘badass’ competition is more realistic, so I might take part too.

Who won that by the way? ,

Stuff like this count?

Interesting Rewards!

I made those, think it could be better but i still need to work my posing.

original :

Not really … because you used Kalashnikovs.
Although Valve intended Kalashnikovs for Half Life 2, they dropped them in the final release and so they won’t count as a proper weapon for the HL² universe. (and this contest)

But those were just examples for your question, right ?

I’m sorry but I just don’t like the idea of having a price.
Mr. Whitefolks contests were fun because everyone got along and there were no fights about who did the best screenshot, everyone just liked to see good work with the selected theme. His contests were small, simple and if you did the considered best screenshot you would get a spot in his deviantart album that was fun to look through to see your partners work or to get that museum feeling.
I just think this is too complicated.

Blackjack, cut down on the fucking text before I bomb your house.

I’m serious, you type to much. Reading one post is okay, you write a fucking story board and I lose interest about your statement and opinion half way through.


Just because there are only 6 or 7 guns in HL2 does not mean they are the ONLY WEAPONS ON THE PLANET in the HL2 Universe.

You need to trim that rule down son.

That might be.
On the other hand though, you can’t proof it in the other direction.
Remember: in the HL² Universe, Combines ruled for more than 20 years. Lots of time if you ask me to destroy remaind armaments and the rest rusts without proper maintenance.

But i think, i can make a small compromise:

[release]- Resistance members


have custom weapon models

  • Overwatch and Civil Protection however are restricted to their Weapons:
    H&K USPs, H&K MP7s, AR-2s and Franchi SPAS 12 Gauges[/release]

(Updated the rules above)

Oh and …
Since i edited the “model”-rule, yours would count now. (If the originals are attached to the post)

Satansins are old >_>