Reich Roleplay Script

Here is a nice edit of TacoScript

I don’t remember being a part of this…

But if you say so… I did add a lot of things I am uncredited for in the original tacoscript…


That is why you where included in this, they used a lot of your uncredited code.

a list of what has changed would be nice

What is this, some sort of Holocaust roleplay?

You’re not allowed to RElease this shit. ARE you?

I’d say so, considering that the community shut down in a huge pile of E-Drama and thusly the script has no real owner.

Not to Annoy you or anything, but… MrPapa should be the only one to determine that, as he payed 110$ for the script… He DOES own it…

From what I heard, they just got the script when Rick leaved it after he quit TnB and then the community “finished” it.

It’s a fucked up script, laggy and buggy as hell.
Not even worth fixing the countless bugs.

cough cough TacoScript?

Not really. A gamemode is a bunch of code, which many people have written, nobody owns shit and they’re all listed in the credits. Not to mention anyone that pays money for something like this is retarded. It’s a game, and the script isn’t even that good anymore.

Anyone have the SQL tables for it?

Yes… And Bluesummers ain’t a name from the Community that I know… So… No rights…


Sorry for Double post

Yeah i do… PM me for them…

Does this use standard ts2 tables?

Do you have Ts2 tables :? i’d love to see them if you do

Negative lax, Sorry.

What bloody tables does this use.

519 of player_server.lua
[lua] local query = “SELECT CID, charTokens, charModel, charAge, charTitle, statStrength, statAIM, statEndurance, statSprint, playerflags, combineflags, items, containers FROM characters WHERE userID = '” … self:GetField( “uid” ) … “’ AND charName = '” … mysql.escape( TS.SQL, nick ) … “’”;

‘items’ and ‘containers’ appear to be table values
‘UID’, ‘CID’, ‘charTokens’, ‘charAge’, ‘statStrength’, ‘statAIM’, ‘statEndurance’, ‘statSprint’ appear to be numeric values
‘charModel’, ‘charTitle’, ‘playerflags’, ‘combineflags’, and ‘charname’ appear to be string values.

Hope that helps somewhat.

I don’t have anything to do with it, I just downloaded and looked at the files if you are wondering

Well there is no Ts2 Tables from what i know from.
Theses use normal ones…
Same thing as a normal Tacoscript just heavily edited to make it look somewhat like Tacoscript 2