Reich RP - Serious RP At it's finest

-snip because people want me to-

Please ignore this for now, we’re preparing an official one at the moment.

Hi. This looks like something written up for a DarkRP, so, don’t get the impression that Reich is one of those communities where the claims of serious go about but theres maybe one serious person. We dont want an influx of mingenoobs arriving at the door step.

If you don’t want mingenoobs on your servers, I’d advise not advertising on Facepunch.

Thats why we have not advertize on facepunch, this person did :L

Tell him to not, he is a bad member then. And you shall remember him like the guy that was trying to help but instead bring an influx of mingebags that like DarkRP.

Please remove this thread.

Please get moar butt hurt.