hello dear people!

i have a request! could someone make a dragon that looks like the dragons in the reign of fire movie??

it would mean so much to me if someone helped me… (ive tried to make it myself with zero success)

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the face kinda looks like this,r:1,s:87,i:7&tx=109&ty=80 you can see the body and other things at this webbsite:

Sorry, go to the Request thread, but it’s nice you know how to format these.

It’s weird how people can’t see the two sub-forum headers at the top of the models/skins section even though the it was moved up there again.

Actually, I have the Reign of Fire video game for the Xbox, so I could extract the files maybe? I wouldn’t mind doing it as my Xbox is already FTP ready, but just going to wait on the OP to respond or make a new thread to show there’s still interest.

wow! if you could do that it would be so great!

i mean hugs for life!

I checked out some .obj files called drag(#)_(#) (two numbers) All named simliarly, couldn’t find anything else. I’m not sure if they’re even models for the dragons, I couldn’t open them with blender or sketchup.

I’ll upload them somewhere and post them in the other thread, maybe someone can figure out how to open them and see what they really are.

okey :stuck_out_tongue: