Reinforced Metal Doors - Suggestion

With metal bases I think should come stronger doors. My suggestion is that there is a new door called Reinforced Metal Door which would only go on Metal Doorways.

The Material requirements could be x10 Low Quality Metal. It would take four explosive charges to take it down.

No one goes through walls on Metal bases and they require a crap ton of Low Quality metal. I think strengthening doors will enable users to push more towards end game bases which are metal.
At the current moment everyone just goes through Metal Doors rather than the metal walls.

We need more risk factor in raiding a metal base than just going through all the metal doors cause its cheaper that way. Make the raiders take the risk of picking wrong doors. I think this will add more risk and a bigger reward for those raiders who go all the way through the doors or walls.

It’s a nice concept, but then you could just add a “lobby” where it’s a door, empty space, door, empty space, door.
See where I’m going with this?
But then people could blast the hinges off and the door comes down, unless hinges are inside, but that means the door swings inwards and not in either direction as it’s made right now.

Bad idea stronger players will turtle more and become impossible targets. Its a survival game the skill is base location , area of advantage , well hidden etc. With your proposal it will be slap bang middle of the road hogging the rad town.

Generally the only people I see with metal bases are dick admins / people who spend a lot of time on a server that hasn’t had a reset. But a strong door would be a pretty redundant addition.