Reinforcements: Alliance

The Humans on Earth, led by Anderson and followed by Vega and Ashley, are cleaning the streets of London…

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This is part of a series and I plan to improve on your critics.
Let me know what you think!

Needs some colo moding…color bloom, lamps…super dof…and some “better” posing with the Reaper troops.

the husks are pretty shodily posed and the lighting is more or less non-existent, but the posing on the soldiers isn’t bad and the idea itself is pretty cool

I will use Husks more often, so what would you improve in their posing? I used one sprinting model and several walking.
They just really pose like old-school zombies…

Needs more lasers, mate.

It’s a proven scientific fact that military engagements of the future contain approximately %2000 more lasers than current ones.

they just look too stiff, really.

Ah yes, reaper beams and their continuity problems. They can blast planets to smithereens but Shepard can dodge one by sidestepping it. We have acknowledged that claim.

Capital Reaper beams are stated by the in game codex to be anywhere from 150-450KT. So they’re sort of weak actually on a scale of what we can potentially shoot today.

Still, a constant beam of molten metal can potentially be more useful than more kilotons of TNT in other form… with improved aiming of course.