Reinstall Dosen't work as i thought?

My garrysmod was absolutely horrible, so I decided to reinstall garrysmod to start fresh. When I reinstalled it, nothing was deleted except like 2 maps. I then proceded to delete pretty much everything in my addons folder so I only had a few things I didn’t start with. So, Can someone tell me why I didn’t start fresh? Oh and is there a way to get my Prison Guard and Combine Soldier models back? They get overwritten with Combine Infantry…

Clean Gmod by deleting your garrysmod folder or renaming it to something like garrysmodold. Then when you start GMod it will be a fresh new copy.

Thanks! I don’t need to anymore though. Im still baffled by the combine infantry crap though.

For future reference if you have this problem again.

:smiley: Thank you!!!