Reinstalled Gmod - Addons?

Hey there. (apparentely this is the section this is meant to go in)
I haven’t been active for ages (forgive me!) and after reinstalling windows (don’t flame me 'cus it’s vista) I find myself wondering which addons to get, other than Wire Mod and PHX3.
Source games I own: All HL2-Games, Portal, TF2, DoD:S, CS:S and all the steam distributed mods.


I’m a big fan of SWEPs, NPCs and basically anything I can mess around with.


[ul]# PHX2~ The most common construction addon in Gmod, has a vast amount of props for building stuff

Door Stool ~ VERY useful for construction bases and such, makes doors quickly and easily

Easy Precision ~ Useful for more precise construction as it allows you to push props, move them and other things really accurately, i advise this with the use of Smart Snap

Smart Snap ~ Put’s a grid on props that allows you to aline them perfectly, perfect with PHX

Stacker Stool ~ Used to stack props in any direction , very handy for duplicating stuff accurately

Tool Search ~ This IS A GOD SEND! It is a client-side stool that allows you to search through your stools. - Fast and Simple.

Weight Stool ~ A pure basic when it comes to construction, should be put into Gmod as a default stool but meh what’cha gonna do? It changes the weight of props.

Advanced Duplicator / Wire Addon ~ These two come together when downloaded via SVN (Which i highly recommend). Advanced Duplicator saves contraptions and allows them to be moved around from server to server. Wire Addon is a must for someone who wants a challenge. It is the only main way to make REALLY cool stuff and is great fun once you get the hang of it. To get these addons you should get it via SVN (even though there tends to be these files on but they are out of date) Just go to the URL below and follow the simple tutorial. [/ul]


[ul]Team Fortress 2 Buildings

Extra NPC’s

Real Dismemberntment Mod

Tactical Weapons Pack!

HAAX! Swep v1.2

Thank you very much. I had forgoten about Advanced Dupe!

Heh, no problems. I hope this was what you were looking for.

PHX2 is old.

Here’s the SVN for PHX3:

Yes. PHX3 is the latest. You also do not need Easy Precision, as it is included in PHX3.
Here is a tutorial on how to use SVN to get PHX3.

Also use SVN to get Wiremod, Stargate, SBMP and LS2/3+RD2/3

There’s no point in having PHX3. They literally were like this;

  • Hmmm, what should we add to PHX 3 ?
  • I don’t know…
  • Oh, I know! Let’s steal some useless models and put them in our pack!

Great scientific discovery!

Download the original, GibSplat! Not this shit reupload. He didn’t even credit the original author or spell dismemberment right.

He got permission.

  • PHX3 has Easy precision in it.
  • PHX3 has loads of epically awesome wheels, good when making cars.
  • PHX3 has gears. (Not sure if PHX2 already has that or not) Good when making engines and the like.
  • 99% of all servers use PHX3.

Thanks every.
Yeah, I do know how to use SVN (amazing huh?) I had quite a lot of addons in my previous gmod, infact too many that it lagged for about 2 minutes once when I opened to Q menu. xD

Earth to Swoots, that addon hasn’t been working for months.

They’re not really necessary, but, stating my OPINION HERE, they suck.


reinstalled g-mod after 6 months without it, I’ve forgotten what the folders inside C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(YOUR USER NAME) are. I know there should be a garrysmod folder, but the inside of which I haven’t a clue.