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This is Drivers Heaven. A map that took me about a year to finish after a million problems with different things. It has been built with feedback from my fans and is one of the largest maps ever made for Garry’s Mod.


And also a video with some dubstep!

A list of things you can find in this map:
Working crane
High quality reflections
Dynamic sky (and fully customizable)
And many more things…

There are 3 easter eggs hidden in the map. Find them and an extra set of vehicles will be released. When you find them, take a screenshot and post a link to it here or on the workshop release thread. The pack will be released when I have seen a picture of all 3 easter eggs in the game. And try not to cheat!

Don’t have ep2 or ep1? Download this This is a pack of the required content (credits to Valve)

Download here
Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Come and play on the official TDMCars server here!

There are a few bugs but most of you won’t see them. Also, this is my first map ever.

And by request…

Just to be sure, but are those easter eggs “obvious”?
I mean something as obvious, as a pottery in the middle of nowhere?
Not that they fit so well into the map and we won’t notice them. :smiley:

EDIT: Incase it’s not just on my end, i encountered a “flaw”.
There are walls missing in a tunnel near the spawn point.
When going through the tunnel with the fans at the top and taking the right turn into the next one which goes “downstairs”, you’ll see (atleast in my case) no walls on either side.

I’m not going to lie, but the whole cliffs for boundaries is overused and looks really bad. You also have random lights that have no sources riddled throughout the map, which is a little bit disappointing. For a years work, I feel like you could have paid more attention to the quality of the map’s visuals. The overall layout of the map isn’t bad, but it feels too organized. (May only be me who feels this way.)

Hopefully you can make some changes to the map, because the state it’s at now feels unfinished and a little bit sloppy.

(There’s also some really bad displacements throughout the map, ruins the feeling of the map.)

I think I may have found one of the easter eggs.

I haven’t exactly been working on it every day for a year. The whole idea of the overused cliffs is to hide as much as possible and keep the frame rate up.

Unfinished? I agree
Sloppy? At some places yeah

Lights without sources? I’m pretty sure I didn’t do those.

After I added the rain area, I had to decrease the overall quality a lot or else it wouldn’t compile.

A year ago when I started, I didn’t have any idea that it would end up like this. If I had a concept and something to go from, it would have been much better. I kind of just did what hit me. That’s the reason why it’s so organized. All I had was the spawn and nothing else.

I will definitely remember what you said if I ever do a map again.

EDIT: pspmanridge Yep you found the first easter egg

I think I found another one.

I was expecting it to take a few days to find them all but it looks like it’s only going to take a few minutes :frowning:

This third one is a HELL of a lot harder to find.

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And I found it. This one was very well hidden.

Should be pretty easy to find them by decompiling the map or entspying it.

Found all three. =D

Anyone want to post how in spoiler tags for us lazy people?

Edit: Found one at least. Others I can see, but not reach.

Edit2: Also how do you get it to rain?

Edit 3: One to go!

Founds them :smiley:

easter eggs like that should have a trigger inside the walls around that prevents players to find it w/ no clip. As soon as the player touches the trigger > Point_cliencommand > command > Quit. This way the game will quit if you try to cheat.

Is there much demand for driving maps?

That’d still give the location away (though not necessarily how to get in as well).

thats why this should be done with most of the up layable space

so when the carpack comes, i should refresh/update the SVN?




hey TDM I found a glitch with your easter eggs. I used prop driving(hold c+right click on prop-drive and drive into easter egg room). Nothing personal. Also when you upload em? GT-R is pretty awesome

found a bug. when i went to the brick garage near the rig stop, the soundscape gets stuck and it doesn’t stop
also when i went to the crane dock, i pressed E on the entrance gate and the game froze

and i can’t connect to the server somehow. it “downloads everything” but freezes :expressionless:

Never found out how do I get to the mini. Also, how does the crane work?

And yes i found the button.