[Rel] PT-1 MBT

This is my first adv dupe release since 2009. This is a public release of an ACF tank to be used by all. This is a contraption, built from the ground up, it isn’t a model or a vehicle. It will only work on servers with the list of requirements stated in the field manual (any good ACF server will contain all of the necessary mods/tools).


Drop PT1 MBT 45t folder into into data/advdupe2.

Load with ADVANCED DUPLICATOR 2. This is not a Garry Dupe. There are two versions, one with physical wheels, one without. Use the lowlag one when the server is too loaded. It cuts off half of the lag of the tank.

I also wrote a manual for it, it’s located above the tank when you spawn it. Controls are spoken into chat when you get in the tank as well.

Here’s the manual:


Have fun!

That’s a really neat tank mate.

I’d like suggestions for things to release, or modifications to the PT-1. I was thinking of an AA variant

AA version would be cool. You could maybe add a version that uses simpler, public E2s and removes a few of the advanced features (like the automatic tranny). That’d give people new to ACF a solid baseline vehicle/codebase to tinker with and learn from, along with a couple goals (readding the advanced features).

I was thinking about releasing my chips, but they’re pretty complicated to tune.