[Rel] Rusty Buggy

I got bored. Somehow this buggy overcomes torque steer, has a high top end, and little wheelspin. No idea how. Will slide if you push it hard enough. Best if romped around gm_buttes with.


Why he is rusty!!!



im duno :(((((


Looks pretty neat, ima try it out. :slight_smile:

hey look a contraption

i thought this was a request thread

I am requesting you to Fuck Of Noob

holy shit you’re unbanned?! ^

i have a longer track record than mamba :v

ur a ass whole

leaf me a lone :(((((

rust :frowning:



this is a cool buggy why did you make it rusty?

Tet-anus time!

Because then it’s way more Bad-Ass!

cheep gayte

so is anyone going to not shitpost and pitch in some criticism or something, jesus fuck

okay, in my opinion, i dont like the huge speedometer thing, although it is a nice prop, for some reason i dont think it fits in here, i dunno, maybe the wire speedo model is better

and make some more custom wheels, those wheels are constantly used and just make it look bland, add some flare into your wheels to really give it some style


pretty cool

Awesome :3

(ohai I’m back guys)

Estimate or prop count? like 50ish??Anyway, since I can’t be no judge of functionality I’ll just go with the looks.

I think it looks good with the rust style, but I would have loved to see a more of a “well this car once was a nice piece of engineering and craftsmanship” instead of “yeah so we made a car out of rust” What I’m trying to say is it would be nice with some asymetry with like some body parts being half ripped off of it or something. I dunno, that’s just how I would have made it. Oh yeah and some rims would be nice :smiley: