Relaxed Gaming 24/7 TTT

What is Relaxed Gaming?

Relaxed Gaming was my creation as I felt as though I the community needed a safe haven, where the land is minge free, admin aboose free, where the players can actually have a laugh and enjoy the game.

[IP - - 20 Slot]

Here are just a few of the features we have;

  • The servers TTT game mode has a lot of modifications, which makes us fun.
  • Modifications;

Blood and guts - BOOM HEADSHOT! really does apply, heads literally burst upon impact!
Music - Unique songs play for each side if they win.
Weapons - for a full list, go here -
VIP - If you want to help us, you can buy VIP! Since we respect our players who are not able to pay, we try our best to prevent VIP from getting unfair advantages.
VIP Features - Increased chance for traitor, increased jihad explosion, Radar loads a little bit quicker, DNA Scanner is more effective, and a lot more!

We even have a RDM notifier, so if you get rdm’d, one of our admins will be alerted immediately for quick and swift action! We also have custom HL2 playermodels so it’s never a dull moment.

We also have scriptenforcer and anticheat scripts installed, to stop them mean nasty cheaters!!!

So if you feel like relaxing and enjoying a few rounds of TTT, why don’t you join us…

It’ll be a blast :wink:

Sounds cool but the VIP features look unfair :confused: