Relaxed Roleplay

The aim for the Relaxed Roleplay server is to create a fun, friendly atmosphere that does not accept deathmatching or general stupidity. If you negatively impact on the experience of other players - you will be banned [permanently]. We have a support system in which you can request bans or submit admin abuse requests (here).

Another belief that we have is that a 32 slot giant is not the way to roleplay. A smaller server is a lot easier to administrate, is less laggy and leaves less people without a job.

If you like the server, recommend it to your friends and join!

[li]16 Slots
[/li][li]gSurf (Anti Prop-Surf/Glitch)
[/li][li]Toolguns for everyone.
[/li][li]2000+ Bad props in the blacklist.
[/li][li]Relaxed and friendly.


While the server currently runs DarkRP, I am working (slowly) on my own RP mod which is written from scratch and will replace it. As I learn more lua, I will be able to add people’s suggestions - therefore making a much better, community driven roleplay gamemode.

Hm, I give it five weeks…

Dude, this seems incredible.
All relaxed and casual, I prefer this a 100 times over Serious RP.

Also, the honesty in the OP just makes me love the server already.

Deleted post, because I accidentally posted when I would’ve pressed Go Advanced.