Relaxing Raptors

Fuzzy widdle dinos. Who can kill you.

Very awesome work and posing :slight_smile:

The posing is good although i don’t feel that it was threadworthy.

How exactly do I determine if something’s “threadworthy”? I’ve actually been trying to decide whether or not to post more stuff here for a while.

Usually, things that are considered ‘threadworthy’ are edited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like this:
(But uhh, maybe with a few less filters :wink: )

well no not like this because when you filter rape the shit out of an image to this ridiculous degree, lighting and composition basically cease to exist

Soooo… Basically, only submit edited stuff?

No, you don’t have to edit, just make sure your stuff looks good

Aren’t those edited…?

Nope :v:

Guh- wha- HUH? Tutorials, please! They look amazing!

Map & model selection, lighting, fog, bloom, and SDoF do wonders.