Release Alien RP?

I was thinking of creating Alien RP with a Earth map were you can go into space from Earth. I have found a map already so this is not my concern. My main concern is if it is a good idea. I have a server already with a good amount of players on SCP-RP but I want something new. Anyway there would be alien weapons from the workshop and human weapons. You could also pick to be an alien of human which have different weapons and vehicles for peoples different play styles. Same goes for vehicles such as flying, and cars. Anyway I just want to know if when people saw Alien RP in the server list (Not for Dark RP) if they would join this and give it a chance. I can guarantee this would be a lot of fun and would get an amazing community going. I know how to code a server and have a lot of people who wish to apply for mod and purchase admin already. So as you can see I have some amount of hype going but want to make sure i’m not wasting my time. Thanks people!

First: NEVER sell staff ranks, like wtf, staff has to be earned, if you sell staff then you are bad already from my opinion!

Second: No rp.

Third: NO RP.

Fourth: Even if its fun, NO RP!!

Fith: Not an amazing community if you sell staff.

Sixth: It IS a waste of time, specially coding ANOTHER RP gamemode! Its not like we HAVE ENOUGH already.

tl;dr: Why not make Alien TTT, Alien Murder, Alien Sandbox or just ALIEN ITSELF as a gamemode?

Or just not alien at all. Aliens are getting as overused as zombies now.

Thats also an option!

Also @OP, pls dont say you got shitty anime shit in pointshop/as jobs, pls no.

Thanks for all of the NO RP is dumb and stuff. I kinda asked for it lol but thanks anyway.

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Also I hate point shop!

Dude make a darkrp server I found these scripts you can buy so then you can but |CUSTOM| on your server m8 (Sarcasm)