[Release Beta] Chat Tags

Since i didnt see this around , i decided to make one myself and release it to the public.

Notice : This is in beta-stage so expect running into problems.

This is in its earliest version (v1.0)

What is Chat Tags?
It’s a simple [TAG] that appears when talking ingame to make it
easier to identify players ranks.

Is it free?

Can i participate in development?
No sorry.

Pictures :

It currently supports ALL groups made by ULX.
It currently only supports DarkRP that i know of but could also support other gamemodes.

Links :


Ill keep this thread up-to-date along with CT which i will be updating everyday.

If you wish to donate to this project PM me.

Really a chat tag? Cant you just upload to like garrysmod.org I really dont think it needs its own thread.

Yes it does.
Its just to keep people up to date.

Could you get images to work with this. So I could have a custom image in my tag or is it not possible.

I noticed this looked similar to something that I released so I downloaded it.

This is from my darkrp edit which I released before this thread was made.

And this is yours

If you are going to try and steal code at least change it a little, nice try though you tried to take 100% credit for something that is simple and stolen!

Right off the bat, when I saw the pictures/content, I knew it was fake since I saw this in the “edited DarkRP gamemode” thread.

Ripped from the TPS gamemode jackool coded for TPS to buy from them.

lol owned…