[RELEASE] CrysisWars gamemode


Ever wanted to play Half-Life 2 or Deathmatch with your friends in NanoSuit? Well, now you can.

Please, read the description before downloading.
To open loadout menu, press F3

Counter-Strike: Source (not really needed)
Team-Fortress 2 (not really needed)
A decent PC. At least, a netbook or a laptop with intel i3 and nvidia geforce gt610m ._.

For more info, visit my YouTube channel

NanoSuit upgrades
Bunker gun unmounting
Camera movement
Viewmodel movement
Weapon melee system
Weapon fire modes
Weapon attachments (no, it’s not Customizable Weaponry)
Cloak in-out transistion effects
AI system improvements
Multiplayer trigger_changelevel working
Half-Life 2 map compatible
Dynamic recoil
Dynamic spread
Weapon sights
Dynamic viewmodel position
Dynamic holdtypes

There are 2 main ways playing it:
play Half-Life 2 singleplayer or co-op with friends
play deathmatch on any map you have! It’s still pretty fun :slight_smile:
You can manage your loadout by pressing F3. It will open loadout menu.
There you can select the weapons, upgrades you will be using and press “OK” button at right lower corner.

Want to manage your weapon’s attachments?
Select the weapon, hold F and click right mouse button.
There aren’t so many attachments at the moment, but more attachments will be added soon.

You can change your weapon’s attachments by pressing primary and secondary fire buttons.
When finished, hold F and click right mouse button to close the customization menu.

Weapons’ attachments features:
bipod: compensates recoil a lot, when crouching.
silencer: allows you to shoot the weapon, when cloaked without disabling it.
reflex sight: speeds up recoil downfall.
laser sight: increases accuracy while moving or jumping.

NanoSuit upgrades:
NanoSuit upgrades can be managed via second tab named “Upgrades” in loadout menu (F3).
Different upgrade combinations give different result, so read description of them carefully.

Q: How do i change nanosuit’s modes?
A: Use Q key for armor and E for cloak.

Q: How do i open or/and close weapon customization menu?
A: Hold F and click right mouse button. For bow, use R key instead.

Q: I want to report a bug/error, how do i do this?
A: Add one of the devs on steam. Tell them the color (it must be blue or orange) and the error itself (copypaste it from console).

Q: I got a suggestion for your gamemode!
A: Think twice before making a suggestion. If you are sure, it’s good idea, feel free to post it in our FP thread :slight_smile:

Q: I’m the author of model/material used in this mod and there’s no my name in credit list! WTF?!?
A: Sorry, please, add NanoCat on steam so he can add you to credit list.

Q: I want to receive all the news about this gamemode.
A: You can regulary visit our FP thread and/or subscribe to NanoCat’s YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/ksukraine)

Q: I’ve read the F.A.Q. list and still have questions/problems about this gamemode. What do i do?
A: Contact the devs on steam. Feel free to ask them.

Credit list (you are sure your content was used in this gamemode, and there’s no credit for you? Read F.A.Q.):
“unknown” means that we do not know who’s author of the content.

NanoSuit training map - Wheatley
Ammo crate model - Wheatley
External energy source model - Wheatley
Custom overlay textures - NanoCat, Wheatley
NanoSuit world model - NikouT
NanoSuit hands - Nasaratsu
Laser texture - unknown (took from Customizable Weaponry)
Relfex sight, aimpoint, bipod models and textures - unknown (took from Customizable Weaponry)
Franchi spas 12 model/texture - unknown
Deagle - Gunzii, Vashts1985, Vunsunta, XLongWayHome, Thanez, Millenia, El Maestro de Graffitti, Will, Flashmizer, Kopter, SpiceMustFlow
Taurus raging bull - SureShot, Wannabe, Vunsunta, jennifer!!, SureShot, Soul_Slayer, Monkeh
FN FNP-45 - Tenoyl, Blur, Hypermetal, Boba Fett, Crash, Trappas, Vunsunta, Zira, Arby26, Max®, Kriboez
Glock 18 - ASCENT, Twinke masta, TheDemolition, Nightmaremutant, Casper, Ascent, FxDarkloki
AKS74U - The_Lama, HeNe, Jennifer, zippax, Vunsunta, Sony PSE, CapnJack
AK47 - Twinke Masta, Lonewolf, menace2k3, Marcius, Birdhouse, Marcius, Vunsunta, Mobius288, DarkElfaВ®, Jennifer!!, Soul Slayer, SureShot, Sober
Grenade - unknown
Gauss gun - unknown
Compound bow - Cas, Xplor3r, Bethesda, DICE, SF2 Dev team, The Mighty Lolrus
M60 - Kimono, Twinke Masta, Daellum, Flamshmizer, ReverendTed
Remington model 870 - TheDemolition, rockriver (Price), Coach Z, NightmareMutant, Doktor Haus, Zira, Max®, Kosai106, Corvalho
FN SCAR-L - unknown
PP-19 Bizon - cryomerk, readersdigest, Millenia, Mullet, Vunsunta, James-, Modderfreak
Barrett m82 - unknown
VSS vintorez - unknown
Lens flare - Mahalis, Rush_Freak
Knife model - Kimono, Mr.John, xplor3r, Pro3z

Special thanks:
Wheatley - for being such good friend (making ammo crate model, nanosuit training map and textures)
CSPSpy - for giving me permission to use attachments models and textures he used in his addon (Customizeable Weaponry)
NikouT - for giving me permission about using his NanoSuit model. BONES ARE BAD >:C



-Use cw_deathmatch 1 to enable deathmatch mode.
-Bipods will compensate recoil, when crouching.
-Laser sights will give more accuracy, when moving.

why list them if they’re not needed?

They’re needed.
If you don’t have CS:S you will miss some sounds, knife model and texture, but gamemode will still be playable.

TF2 is only needed for External Power source, that’s all.

if they’re needed, why did you add the “not really needed” part?

It means “if you don’t have it mounted, you still can play it”

You should’ve used Customizable Weaponry

I think about adding support for customizable weaponry base.
If my super-lazy-ass will stop being super-lazy, i’ll add a support for it in next update :slight_smile:

-snip download link is down-



I’d recommend updating the logo in the op because we can’t really see it against the white background

I didn’t even notice it until you said that.

Also the name reminds me of Halo Wars or the mod Half Life Wars.

It’s supposed to be barely visible. Stealth ftw

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Check your console, it will message you if new version is avaliable.

UPDATE 1.0.1 (17/08/13)
Various fixes for multiplayer

Noclip now can be allowed by turning sv_cheats to 1.

Hey, I don’t know if anyone’s heard about this before but since I downloaded this version I can’t seem to scroll through weapons at all only on this gamemode, I have to use the number keys instead which I find a bit uncomfortable because I like using the scroll wheel even though I know some people but not a lot of people still have old mouses without a scroll wheel and/or a mouse with the ball that controls the cursor instead of a laser.

I think that this should be fixed, especially for people using the automatic weapon scrolling option on like me as some people feel a little bit uncomfortable and possibly slow at switching weapons through with the number keys, especially that it wasn’t featured anywhere in the OP or in the gamemode.

If this can be fixed, I would really appreciate it if you can and also, this gamemode’s pretty cool! Thanks in advance and good luck for the future :wink:

It’s not a bug, it just wasn’t implemented (EVEN IN OLDER VERSIONS), but i’ll add it in the next update. Thanks for the message.

no probs, I thought that the scroll thing was a bug XD


New bug, I’m playing with 2 friends of mine on a private server on a custom map I’ve made myself on the weekend but the problem is I’m shooting them but it’s saying ‘Try not to hurt friendly players’ (even though it’s a free-for-all we’re playing) and they’re not taking any damage at all, even the Gauss Gun doesn’t work! The only weapon that works and can kill players is the Predator Bow.

This is a very crucial bug, consider Multiplayer almost unplayable but if you’re adding gamemodes (or if the friendly fire notice is because of co-op compaign) I think that’s why it’s happening possibly. Along with adding in scrolling weapons can you fix this specific bug? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Another bug on Multiplayer

[ERROR] gamemodes/crysiswars/entities/effects/cw_muzzleflash/init.lua:4: Tried to use a NULL entity!

  1. GetAttachment - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - gamemodes/crysiswars/entities/effects/cw_muzzleflash/init.lua:4

Thanks for reporting, and if you want to play deathmatch just turn cw_hardcore 1.

This… just wow. I never really liked crysis but the amount of time and effort put into this, it looks so freaking solid already!

Aha, thanks :slight_smile: