[Release] CS:GO - CS_STRIKE

Yeah,the name is very creative I know.

It’s a smaller map that I’m still working on,and will expand,this is one side of the map,the map will be a bit bigger,with two sides of the house.

Here’s the download link:

Here’s a video of the map

And OFC some screenshots

http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/50ebe5b05e4c9.jpg[/T] [T]http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/50ebe5bc4fa17.jpg

Now keep in mind,that when it comes to lighting you should look at the screenshots mainly because I had to increase the brightness of the video,sony vegas likes to make colors dark in my DXTORY recordings.

As I’ve said above,this is a part of the map that is finished and playable,but lacks a lot of detail.I’m looking for the best way to expand it and make it more playable,and for that I’d like your help and suggestions.

Looks like fun. I would like to play that sometime.