[RELEASE] Customizable Deathrun Scoreboard

Hello Facepunch!

I have recently been seeing many people asking for how to add ranks to their deathrun scoreboard, or how to change so and so to make this color that. So I decided to make, and release my own customizable Deathrun Scoreboard! (Mr. Gash’s Deathrun)

-Ranks on Scoreboard
-Points on Scoreboard ( Pointshop 1 and 2, if you have neither, comment out line 56 of cl_scoreboard )
-Almost every color on the scoreboard is customizable, you make it how you like

GitHub with download:


My Personal Scoreboard:

Drag and drop the beast-easy-sb folder into your addons, and restart. Then go to lua/autorun/sb-config.lua to modify for your liking!


Thanks I have just installed this and added with my ranks and it is working, no issues, I can’t thank you enough!

for what deathrun it is exactly? i know at least 3 different deathrun gamemodes floating arround here

Silly me, it’s for Mr. Gash’s Deathrun.

Very nice indeed, but it seems to be bugged, you see, I’m the only superadmin (owner) but other admins get my tag too. What gives? Seems to be random.

[lua] for k, v in pairs( beastsb.ranks ) do
if ply:IsUserGroup( v[1] ) then
col = v[3]
rank = v[2]
elseif ply:SteamID() == “STEAM_0:0:59915803” then – Please don’t touch <3
col = Color( 0, 178, 238 )
rank = “Creator of this scoreboard!”
col = Color(0,0,0)
rank = “”
now it should work

Another mistake by me. I had fixed this issue hours after I uploaded this, however I ran out of dropbox space and cannot upload it. I’ll fix it somehow.

use github. Problem solved. Also then i could do something like this in an pull request.

Thanks! I’ll make one now.

On my Server only the last rank from the config list is getting changed.

beastsb.ranks = {
{ "user", "Rubblestone", Color( 0, 255, 0) },
{ "user2", "Stone", Color( 0, 255, 0) }, 
{ "user3", "Rock", Color( 0, 255, 0) }

In this example only Players with rank “user3” would be listed as “Rock” (red) in the Scoreboard.

Have you tried restarting your server?

EDIT: I think I made a little mistake, let me try something. Redownload in about 10 hours

HUGE MISTAKE BY ME! Redownload it, I have fixed that issue now.

User ranks aren’t working properly for me, only owner and user seems to be. Also, is there any way to removed the points display in the scoreboard? Thanks for this, by the way.

Remove line 62 of cl_scoreboard.lua, and send me a copy of your config. Also, are you using the latest version?

Yes, I’ve updated it. Here’s my current config. http://pastebin.com/YKzNhCVs
And removing line 62 works. Thanks! Although I’m still getting user and owner showing up as the specified color.

the only thing that is rambeling my jimmys is that the timer on your hud isn’t aligned correctly :v:

besides that, good job!

lol thanks :3 good job btw I love this scoreboard!

i’m having the same problem where only the last rank would be edited in the scoreboard, re downloaded and restarted the server still same issue :confused:

It seems I’m not the only one to have this issue. Only the last rank listed is colored on the scoreboard. Help?

My config is basically the same as Thendon’s just different names and colors.

On my Server only the last rank from the config list is getting changed.

Yeah, let me change the download URL. This is way out of date.