[Release] DarkRP - another betting system...


Use github please. It’s got a ticket system, and its super awesome for collaboration and is easy to push new updates. You don’t have to update the link every time you make an update.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘another betting system’ you don’t really provide details to what your addon is about. put some more time into your post, maybe add a few screenshots. I have also never heard of ‘FileTea’…

Also your download 404’d

How can I setup a GitHub?

Sign up on github, after that on your dashboard you can click the New repository button in green and bam its ready to upload after you follow a few instructions.

This should have a good bit of infomation for it

This is a link to the site:

Do make sure you get a Git Client, which i suggest the one github suggests,

Thank you!

Are you going to or the link there with pictures back?