[RELEASE] Deathrun Neue (Arizard's Deathrun)

https://camo.githubusercontent.com/0627036fd163e5a770f17371e0519051a5866e2b/687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f336d58676164 722e706e67

Github Repository: https://github.com/Arizard/deathrun
OFFICIAl Playtesting Server (Australia, VHS-7, always on the most recent version (and sometimes a few versions ahead), 20 slots):
Playtesting Server 2 (UK/EU, Redline Community, populated, 32 slots):

Deathrun Neue
I’ve finally reached the point where I’m able to officially release this gamemode! Over the past week I’ve been playtesting, gathering feedback, and improving the gamemode, and now it’s finally ready.

What is it?
Deathrun Neue is a comprehensive, feature-rich Deathrun gamemode produced by Arizard with the help of testers such as Zelpa, Impetulio, Baksus (and the Redline Gaming community) and A Faceless Baby. This gamemode comes standard with many popular Deathrun features - such as thirdperson mode, pointshop support (PS 1, PS 2), AFK timers, and a nominate/rtv mapvote system. The gamemode also includes lesser-known features, such as automatic button claiming, custom crosshairs, death avoidance punishments, and trigger zones.

The gamemode also has a focus on customisability, featuring various client-side convars for each player’s unique tastes, and also serverside convars to allow owners customize their server’s gameplay.


  • Automatic AFK / Idle kicker (configurable)
  • Death Avoidance Penalty (configurable)
  • Pointshop 1 and 2 support - points awarded on successfull kill or winning the round (configurable)
  • Map trigger zones - define an end-of-map zone to award players who finish the map (spawns balloons when they finish!)
  • ULX Scoreboard support - easy access to common ULX commands through the scoreboard
  • Clientside settings menu - Press F2 to personalize your experience - these save between different servers, so you don’t need to reset them!
  • Celebration screen with MVPs - At the end of the round, the gamemode displays the winning team as well as MVPs from the winning team
  • Mapvote - Players can nominate maps using the !nominate command, and can trigger mapvotes using the !rtv command
  • Weapons - CS:S weapons are included by default, so no tricky configurations! The included weapons feature proper recoil, decreased running accuracy and headshot multipliers.
  • Custom HUD Support - the default HUD shows Health, Velocity, round timer, team, and ammo. 2 other HUDs are included by default, one with a Sassilization theme, and the other with the classic deathrun (Mr. Gash) theme. The HUD layout and positioning can be configured by each players!
  • Custom crosshairs - based on the CS:GO crosshair convars, players can type !crosshair to change the appearance of their crosshair - change things like color, stroke width, length, and gap.
  • Singleplayer support - Joining an empty server will allow you to explore the map in godmode.
  • Autojump - autojump is included by default, as well as an autojump velocity cap - this is configurable by the server owner.
  • Button Claiming - to claim a button, walk towards it and stand near it. No other players can press your claimed button. This prevents “button stealing”.
  • Unstuck command

Click here to read about how to add your own HUDs!


  1. Download this zip file
  2. Extract deathrun-master to your garrysmod/gamemodes directory
  3. Rename deathrun-master to deathrun
  4. In your server.cfg add or modify the gamemode line, such as the following:

gamemode deathrun

Or, if you prefer to use the command line, modify the gamemode parameter such as the following:

+gamemode deathrun

  1. Start your server and enjoy! Please refer to the following Hooks and ConVars which will allow you to configure and customize your server.

Hooks and ConVars

Full, explained list of convars and hooks here

The gamemode is still very frequently being updated - if you wish to edit any core files, PLEASE tell me first so that I can see if it’s possible to add the necessary hooks for it. I would rather you ask me to add the hooks than to have you lose all your work because you needed to update the gamemode.

Changelog - updates may be more frequent than what is mentioned here

  • Added a convar to change the Death team’s default playermodel
  • The gamemode records the player’s nickname so that it can be accessed while the player is offline. Updated on player join.
  • Fixed weapon pickup code (for included weapons)
  • Disabled fall damage for the Death team
  • Map completion times are recorded to sv.db, the top 3 records for a map are shown in the end zone
  • Raised stuck command cooldown to 30s and players can no longer use the command if they have taken damage in the past 30s
  • Fall damage closely approximates CS:S fall damage (no more random deaths!)
  • Added a toggle switch to the scoreboard to enable “small mode” to take up less vertical space
  • Added a temporary weapon drop blacklist on line 523 in init.lua . Add the weapon class to the stop_the_drop table to prevent players from being able to drop the weapon with Q.
  • Added a hook to add custom stats to stats display on round start
  • Made flashbangs work through glass
  • Hopefully fixed the issue where players could go to spectator but stay on the death team, and end up earning points
  • Added a !stuck command to free trapped players ( limited to 10s cooldown and 10 unit teleport distance )
  • Stats are now tracked properly (kills, deaths, runner wins, death wins)
  • Stats are displayed to each player at the start of the round in a 3d2d window





this is true

I really like the HUD

This looks amazing!

Damn, very nice. Can’t wait to see some servers with this on.

i’d like to report a bug, you removed the announcement that said I have the best memes.

hahaha such dumb! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it possible to completely freeze the players in the preparation stage? (other then camera movement)

As you can basically just hold spacebar (if autojump is enabled) and start bhopping away while everyone else is waiting to get ‘unlocked’. It’s basically giving the ‘cheaters’ (if you will) 5 seconds headstart on every map :confused:
That’s the only problem I’ve found so far, otherwise, amazing job!

I’m guessing you could run a check to see if it’s in preparation stage and if the straight up freeze commands aren’t working you could do a hacky sort of way to prevent their velocity from going above 0. Not exactly sure how they’re already frozen though

it’s a feature, lets you prehop to gain speed before the game starts.

If you really want, you can use the conditional

if ROUND:GetCurrent() == ROUND_PREP then

-- ROUND:GetCurrent() and ROUND_PREP is shared so you can run this in the Move hook

however this feature was intentional because it allows players to build speed before the game starts, which an unskilled player would not be able to do. I’ll end up adding this as a proper feature in future.

Easily the best Deathrun gamemode so far!

Been getting this error when creating a new zone via the zone creator, then attempting to remove it.
Error comes up but zone still gets deleted. Zones only save part of the time as well, as I have zone files for 3 of the 9 maps I’ve put zones on.

[ERROR] gamemodes/deathrun/gamemode/cl_menus.lua:512: attempt to concatenate field 'type' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - gamemodes/deathrun/gamemode/cl_menus.lua:512

Tried troubleshooting, couldn’t quite pull it off. (And no, I have not modified any code)

what have you been naming the zones?

Just “start” for the start zone and “end” for the end zone. I figured that may have been the problem, so I just named a random zone “asd”. Tried to delete it and still got the same result.

I see, thanks! :]
Another possible request for gamemode improvement: Ghost function? If you die, you can respawn as ghost to ‘practice’ the map.
With the ability to show “Ghosts” in the scoreboard separated from the Runners and Deaths.

I just noticed another possible issue with this gamemode.
Does entities like breakable doors etc get more health? In the Mr Gash verison you could break the door on deathrun_silenthill_v2 in like 4-5 hits, on this you can’t break it at all.
Same with the wooden panel on deathrun_rooftops_final, it used to be just 3-4 hits and now its like 10-15 hits to break it.

I tried looking through the code but all I can find about htis is line 351 in gamemode/init.lua.

Would love to know if this is an issue or working as intended (but then excluding a lot of maps)!

For those looking for the answer to this questions, it’s just the weapon_knife SWEP which is causing issues, so I’ve set the default weapon to the crowbar.

Protip: You can set the starting weapon using the convar deathrun_starting_weapon <swep class>

Holy… This looks amazing! Thanks so much man I’m going to use this if you’re good with that c;

Use this (its $1 and its made by one of the facepunch mods)

Also You can add the server I manage (part of Aero Game Servers) to that list :wink:

Its up 99% of the time <3

(UK based community, large-ish community, 24 slots)


I’m going to make a freaking video on this beautifulness