[Release] DM_Railyard

DM_Railyard is a small map in the middle of a Combine controlled city. Many old industrial buildings and a half-crushed hotel, railways and signals are distinct elements of this map which got it’s name because of this.
A lot of detail is put into every single building which were inspired by many real existing buildings.

While this is primary a Half-Life 2 Deathmatch map, DM_Railyard might be very interesting for comics or movies in Garry’s Mod.

There is a always changing Combine train running at random times through the middle of the map. For comics or movies you can disable it via console:
ent_fire combinetrain_randomtimer disable
Don’t forget “sv_cheats 1”!

No additional games needed.

Download via Workshop

For fullsize, click on the pictures:
http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_01.jpg http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_02.jpg http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_03.jpg http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_04.jpg

http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_05.jpg http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_06.jpg http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_07.jpg http://www.erikszeug.de/files/?img=Half-Life2-Deathmatch/Maps/DM_Railyard/DM_Railyard_08.jpg


  • idea and layout: Moth
  • mapping: Skotty
  • building textures taken from Half-Life 2 Leak
  • all custom models modeled and textured by Skotty, also including high-detail Combine walls.
  • playtest: Kunole

These areas would make a wonderful RP map. :o

its nice to see that people are still making maps for hl2dm

Too bad the only servers left are so-called “lol nolag custom clan .com.net-24/7superh4rdc0reNO NOOBSALLOWED LEL- lowgrav super ultimate HIGH KILL fun-box!!!”. Oh, and TDM is dead. It’s 100% dead.

Wow, nice looking. ‘Mapping King’ well deserved :slight_smile:

This is a very well made map.

Great job.

I have this map from a long long time ago, is there any new update or just the same map reuploaded? :dance:

No, I just forgot to post about it on Facepunch.